Thursday, April 3, 2008


There are more worlds than I can see,
a billion worlds invisible to me.
These worlds are moving through my own.
I catch small glimpses that are shown.
Through smiles and tears,
I see beauty and fears
of worlds separate from mine.
Through your eyes, your stars shine.
Through your voice, I hear dimly
melodies sung by birds on a chimney.
Your world must be different by far
and yet so similar.
The trees and the sky,
through which the birds fly,
are exactly the same
(yet only by name).
I wish that I could see your world.
I thirst to see your skies unfurled,
to see your hopes and dreams
bursting through the seams
of the constructed outer mold
built specifically to hold
your world within where it might not
disturb the worlds of those who've got
no patience for your "fantasies"
or time to listen to your "fallacies."
I pray some day that we might dare
to open up and our worlds share.

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Lauren said...

This is really pretty Chris, I really like it. :]