Thursday, April 24, 2008

we are not, but for those to whom we are

this is the pointless and useless stuff i started rambling about when i didn't know how to start my communication paper enjoy:

Communication is the means by which empires are built, the mortar which holds together the great bastions of society. It is the very foundation upon which nations are built and the defining element of humanity. We are not, but for those to whom we are. But for the links that bind us together, we are but flecks of matter spinning amongst the twirling sand devil of the cosmos. Communication forms those links. It is the heart that loves but what is the heart but that which loves and what is love but the bond formed by hearts that commune.


Miscellaneous said...

That is some impressive academic word-spinning. :) I'm sure you managed a pretty stellar paper.

J-Ra said...

I love that you're writing this blog instead of your paper (although I am no one to judge seeing as how I was sitting next to you doing anything besides my paper when you wrote this).

Lauren Elise said...

Oooh, I like this. Yesss comm majors! :D